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European: Wildhammer (PvE)
Who are we?

([Delusions of Grandeur] (phrase) - a false impression of one's own importance. Closely linked to Megalomania. Source: Oxford Online Dictionary)

A huge welcome to one and all!

This is the website for Delusions of Grandeur . We are a small and social WoW raiding guild on Wildhammer - EU realm.

Our focus is on progressing through ICC10 normal mode as soon as we can and go onto working our way through heroic mode. Our members are all former members of the same guild and have come together with the soul aim of progression. We work well as a team and know each others strengths and weaknesses.

We will be co-operating with another guild on Wildhammer - EU called Tyrant for ICC25 raiding.

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Guild website transfer

Wamprat, Sep 29, 10 12:44 PM.
We are currently in the process of changing guild website provider. Please bare with us as we arrange all the new features and transfer across various pieces of information.

Many thanks.
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